Hummer H1 Exhaust

Polished Stainless

Hummer H1 Exhaust

Hummer H1 exhaust kit Hummer H1 exhaust kit packaging
Full Pre-Packaged Exhaust Kit PN 91-22000 $659.00

Hummer H1 exhaust pipe PN 91-21000
EXHAUST PIPE PN 91-21000 $272.00

Hummer H1 exhaust muffler PN 91-21004
MUFFLER PN 91-21004 $258.00

Hummer H1 exhaust off-road pipe PN 91-21006
OFF-ROAD PIPE PN 91-21006 $143.00

Fits 96 -2004 6.5L Turbo engines
Will fit earlier NA engines with changes to brackets/hangers

  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • 4″ pipes
  • Low Restriction
  • Needed for engine boost

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