Our Team

The Management Team

John Berger

President and Owner
John took on the role of President and Owner of Maradyne Corporation in 1996. Since then he has grown the company tremendously by acquiring new companies and their product lines and consolidating them into Maradyne’s Cleveland, Ohio facility. John continues to focus on growing the company through acquisition and is always open to possible opportunities. […]
Whitney Slaught

Whitney Slaght, III

Chief Financial Officer, Dreison International, Inc.
Whitney began his relationship with the business back in 1989, serving as it’s outside CPA for several years before joining as the company’s CFO. He is responsible for all financial aspects of the business, including banking and financial reporting. He leads an Accounting team of 8 people to insure timely and accurate financial information is […]
John Barrish

John Barrish

General Manager
John Barrish is a skilled administrator with a proven expertise to create, manage, and grow a successful manufacturing company. John joined Maradyne Corporation in 1999 to oversee all product lines and employees. John received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, from Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio. He has been recognized at Maradyne Corporation for […]