About Us

About Us

About Us

Maradyne Corporation is an ISO Certified industrial manufacturing company that acquires profitable operations as well as underperforming businesses and turnaround opportunities. Currently consisting of 5 different product lines, Maradyne manufactures and markets industrial and commercial products for original equipment and aftermarket applications.

Maradyne primarily provides add on products and componentry for large diesel engine installations, including air and hydraulic alternate start systems,  heavy duty air cleaner assemblies and air intake pre-cleaners, hydraulic system filtration equipment, and industrial mufflers and spark arrestors.

Dreison International Company

Maradyne is a Dreison International Company. Dreison, a privately held Cleveland, Ohio based “holding” company founded in 1977. Dreison owns and operates manufacturing companies in Ohio, Texas, Mexico, and China including DCM Manufacturing, SuperTrapp, and Maradyne Corporation.

These manufacturing companies specialize in the design and manufacturing of proprietary products for both original equipment and aftermarket customers.

Market focuses include heavy-duty truck, off-road equipment, mining, agriculture, industrial, commercial, transportation equipment and the power sports industry

Maradyne Corporation’s Current Products:

Turbo Precleaners – Manufactures Precleaner devices which are installed in the intake system of an engine before the air cleaner. It removes much of the contamination and dirt from the incoming air. They are effective at removing the larger dirt particles and water droplets to increase the life expectancy of the air filter and save money.

Pow R Quik Starters – Manufactures Starter Units for heavy industrial machinery.

Greenless Filters – Manufactures a wide variety of air cleaners and filter elements, as well as the brand-new EPAC, self-cleaning air filtration system

Maradyne Fluid Power Group – Offering a variety of filtration units and elements, strainers, and suction, vacuum, pressure & Return line indicators.

UORVA – Manufactures upgrade kits for the performance of the HUMVEE® and HUMMER® vehicles, also for the HMMWV for US Military units.