Product Line

Maradyne Corporation manufactures a variety of product, is continuously innovating new product, and expanding their brands through acquisition to offer more options to the end user.

pow_r_quik_logoPow-R-Quik Starters

Pow-R-Quik by Maradyne offers Turbine Starters, Vane Starters, Hydraulic Starters, and Hydraulic Systems Components. Our Vane Starters will start engines from the smallest one cylinder diesel to the largest engines made. Our HS series of heavy duty engine starters was specifically designed and developed for the oil and gas service industry. Our PRQ series air and gas starter for gas turbine engines has a wide range of torque for various starting requirements.


turbo_precleaner_logoTurbo Precleaner

Turbo Precleaners by Maradyne offers a variety of Precleaners for heavy industrial machinery. For over 35 years our Precleaners have been protecting engines and machinery from dust and prolonging filter life, helping operators to save money and time. With flow ranges from 50-1300 CFM, there is a turbo for your machine and we also carry a wide range of adapters and accessories to make installation simple.  Our Precleaners are up to 85% efficient, lower in restriction than competitive designs and made in the USA of steel or of high strength glass reinforced polymer.


Greenlees Filter logoGreenlees Filter

Greenlees Filters by Maradyne manufactures a wide variety of air cleaners and filter elements. We specialize in applications for military vehicles and are experts with all the US Government Mil specs pertaining to air cleaners and air induction systems. We have also created new designs to ensure faster replacement of air filters while in the field to make sure there is less down time of the vehicle. Greenlees also offers the brand new EPAC, a self-cleaning engine intake system for equipment operating in the extreme harsh environments often found in the mining, agricultural, construction, and heavy industries.


Maradyne Fluid Power Group logoMaradyne Fluid Power Group

Maradyne Fluid Power Group by Maradyne presents a line of reliable products to cover the filtration needs of most hydraulic systems. A clean hydraulic system is a must for efficient and cost effective fluid power. To meet the demanding needs of today’s hydraulic systems; Maradyne Fluid Power Group produces Filter Units and Strainers with Filtration from 3 to 262micron, Flow Ratings to 150 GPM, and Operating Pressures to 3000PSI. We also offer Vacuum, Pressure, and Differential Indicators to monitor the condition of your system. From the reservoir to the return line our products are field proven over 4 decades of use.


Innovative Dehumidifier Systems, Llc.Innovative Dehumidifier Systems

Revolutionizing the multi-family industry with the patent-pending IW25-4 Dehumidifier with Bi-Polar Ion Generator to remove indoor moisture. The hands-free & tankless dehumidifier can recess in the wall or mounts directly on the wall of spaces up to 1,500 sq ft. The energy efficient IW25-4 removes up to 29 pints of moisture daily, independent of HVAC system.