New Modern Websites

New modern websites

Good customer service plays an important role in the success of a company and without it companies will fail. I believe that human interaction is not the only form of being able to offer good customer service. If I am hungry and want to try a new restaurant the first thing I do is pull out my phone and search for restaurants near me. If a nearby restaurant is not listed or does not have a website or Facebook page; that unlisted business may have lost an opportunity for my business. The business that is listed and offers a menu, directions, and hours of operation is most likely going to get my business because they made it easy for me to find the information I wanted. It’s a great example of how a company can offer good customer service without any human interaction and I want our customers to have that same experience.

Internet usage has increased over 7% from December 2013 to July 2014. That 7% increase is over 213 million people worldwide. Statistics show that 2.3 billion people currently access the web from their cell phones and are expected to increase to approximately 3 billion internet cell phone users worldwide by 2017. The world is changing and we need to stay current with our customer’s needs, demands, and expectations while not losing site on good standards and still be able to adapt to our customers not making these rapid changes. We need to make sure that our website offers quick and easy navigation to information the end user is looking for. If we don’t offer that we could miss out on potential business.

I am diligently working with MJM Design to create informative easy to navigate websites for our end users. I want people to be able to find everything they are looking for on our website. If they need installation directions at 2am on a Sunday morning, I want them to have them. Eventually the website will have instructional videos, purchasing capabilities, warranty information, and much more. The options are endless, it’s figuring out what information and options are necessary for our clientele that will make the website a success.

This is a very large project that will take a lot of focus and research, but I am more than excited to help Maradyne grow as a company and stay current with new trends. Make sure to check back and follow our progress! If you have any suggestions for us to make your experience easier please e-mail

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