Turbine Starter 22 Series

Models start diesel engines up to 22 liters and Gas up to 44 liters

The 22 Series turbine requires no lubrication in the air stream, due to the turbine having no rubbing parts. All bearings are lubed for life.

The 22 Series as well as all air starters require clean air, filters or strainer are strongly recommended to prevent foreign object damage to the rotating turbine wheels and stators.. An electric time delay is offered to prevent start attempts in a no start situation before the turbine wheels have stopped rotating

Straight and 90° degree exhaust adaptors are available from PRQ. Because the 22 series is shorter and has a lesser diameter than some competitors starter models, an adaptor is available that would allow the 22 series to bolt up to existing exhaust plumbing to facilitate starter change out.


  • Lightweight – 26lbs/12kg
  • All models gas sealed
  • Aluminum and steel construction – no plastic parts
  • Clean – No lube in airstream required – no fugitive emissions
  • Lubed for life – gear case and bearings

Available Models


Overhung pre-engaged

  • Fits engines with bell housings that will not accommodate conventional nose cones.
  • Pinion and flanges available for popular metric engines.


Pre-engaged pinion drive

  • Pre-engaged pinion.
  • Forward bearing for a rigid drive shaft.


Inertia drive

  • Simple and rugged.
  • Wide selection of flanges and drives available.