Turbine Starters

Pow R Quik offers two Turbine Starter series with Pre-Engaged Drive and Inertia Drive models available.

22 Series

Starts Diesel Engines: 1,300 CID (22 Liters)
Starts Gas Engines: 2,600 CID (44 Liters)
Models Available: 22i, 22p, 22oh,

200 Series

Starts Diesel Engines: 12,000 CID (200 Liters)
Starts Gas Engines: 24,000 CID (400 Liters)
Models Available: 200i, 200p

PRQ Turbine starters are the newest addition to the line. Models are available to accommodate engines from 500 CID Diesel (8.25 liters diesel) to 12,000 CID Diesel ( 200 liters diesel). All PRQ starters are gas sealed and will crank gas engines to twice the displacement of diesel engines. (Gas engines have one half the compression rations of diesel engines.)

Three nozzle configurations are used on the Series 22 starters where the pressure is considered low at 30 psi to 90 psi. Standard pressure from 90 psi to 120 psi and high pressure applications from 120 psi to 180 psi. The starter drive clutch setting is the main determining factor when choosing the correct starter. If the starter is pressurized beyond its stated pressure too much torque would be created that could damage the starter drive. Ask your PRQ representative for advice on choosing the correct model starter for your applications.
f the compression ratios of Diesel engines).