Company Profile

Maradyne Corporation is an industrial manufacturing company. Consisting of 4 different product lines, Maradyne manufactures and markets industrial and commercial products for original equipment and aftermarket applications world-wide.



Maradyne’s team of diversified employees is made up of dedicated and talented individuals. Our company believes in granting the freedom that employees deserve, so that they can be creative and make educated decisions in the workplace. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very low employee turnover rate by hiring top talent and maintaining an environment they enjoy working in.

You can buy somebody’s back, but you can’t buy their heart”


Maradyne managementThe Management team at Maradyne offers a Casual Management Style relying on the good will and initiative of workers to ensure that work gets done efficiently and effectively. We allow our employees to take initiative on projects and decisions. When necessary; management will step in to offer advice and suggestions in order to build the employees skills by encouraging them rather than by exerting pressure.

Our leaders at Maradyne give workers a great deal of flexibility in the work place allowing them the opportunity to determine how to best approach their day-to-day process. Management creates a worry-free environment for employees by holding companywide meetings to inform all workers of the current state of the company and allow them to offer suggestions and ask questions. The management team makes sure employees are not stressing about or questioning job stability. As things continue to change worldwide; management stays aware of current changes and implements modern day practice. As a customer focused management team, we implement high standards.

We practice the “golden rule” when it comes to customers. We treat our customers as we want to be treated. Whether our customer is purchasing five hundred dollars’ worth of product or five million dollars’ worth of product, we treat them equally. We appreciate each sale and want our customers to know that.”
– John Berger

We feel that honesty is the best approach. We understand the benefits of being honest and upfront with our employees and customers. We trust our employees and customers and want them to have the same trust in us.”
– John Barrish
General Manager

Customer Goals

At Maradyne we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We give the customers exactly what they want when they want it. Our customer service representatives are highly trained individuals that go above and beyond to give the customer a pleasant experience. If you have a question; we will find an answer. Our goals are to make the ordering process, product installation and product maintenance stress-free for our customers and to leave them with a lasting impression of satisfaction from our customer service and product quality.