UORVA has developed products to enhance the performance, stability, drivability, and efficiency of Hummer®/ H1 HMMWVs/Humvee®/COBRA. Our products have been developed for the most demanding environments and are rigorously tested.

Find out what off-road racing teams and military units have known for years. Upgrade the performance of your H1 with UORVA’s Hummer parts and accessories and enjoy driving the ultimate off-road vehicle!

These kits make a sound low cost simple upgrade to military HMWWVs. Whether the vehicles are Up-Armored HMMWVs (UAH) with gunner protection kits, or standard M900 or M1000 series vehicles, kits can restore and better the ORD for longer and better service.

These are individual, stand-alone kits that can be installed over different upgrades/recap programs. Most kits can be installed in maintenance shops or during depot overhauls. Different kits take hours, not days to install.
For HUMVEE® Sustainment Modification Initiatives (SMI) or add-on to the MECV-S / MECV-A programs or a simple depot recap, these smart kits can be bolted-on to fit requirements and budgets.