Return Line Indicators Series LP & LD

Model LP Pop Up Indicator

return line indicator


    • contaminated filter elements
    • low fluid temperature
    • high fluid viscosity
    • impending opening of filter bypass valve


The LP indicator red alert sleeve has a full 360° visibility. Mounted upstream of filter or directly on filter inlet side, the model LP requires no maintenance or calibration, and resists vibrations and shocks.


Standard Settings:

  • LP–10—10 PSID (0.7 BAR)
  • LP–20—20 PSID (1.4 BAR)
  • LP–25—25 PSID (1.7 BAR)

Operating Temperature: –40° F (–40° C) to 200° F (93° C) continuous
Housing: Nickel plated cold rolled steel
Sight Dome: Transparent, high impact polycarbonate