Multi-Port Dual Element Filters Series MS


  • Choice of 3 outlet ports on 3 models simplifies difficult installation problems.
  • Lightweight, rugged cast aluminum construction.
  • Eight basic models covering a range from 10 GPM (38L/min.) through 150 GPM (569 L/min.).
  • Re-usable, cleanable twin-life® dual element with up to 4 times more filtering area
  • Bypass valve isolated in the filter head.
  • Vacuum indicator alerts you to filter condition and impending bypass.


  • Viton “O” rings for special applications.
  • Any combination of NPTF or SAE flange for outlet ports B, C and D.


Hydraulic fluid flows from the reservoir into the inlet port, continues through the low delta P element and through the outlet port. When the element becomes contaminated, your system is protected against possible wash-off of collected contaminant. Unlike other systems where the bypass flow is forced over the dirt-clogged element, the multi-port filter features a unique bypass valve which is self-contained and isolated in the filter head, and does not depend on the mechanical movement of the sludge covered element. Bypassing fluid flows from the inlet port directly to the outlet port, completely ignoring the dirty element and eliminating the possibility of dumping dirt downstream.