Maradyne’s Fresh New Look!

Maradyne logo

Kelly Bellino the Director of Marketing and Social Media has been working with graphic designers from Hot Cards to create a new recognizable look and a new logo for Maradyne Corporation to enhance awareness of the Maradyne brand. Also on the agenda is to update and modernize 9 websites for Maradyne and its 8 brand name products.

Rebranding Maradyne – Words from Kelly

At Maradyne we manufacture a variety of brand name product lines that most of our current customers are unaware we offer. The problem is that most of our customers believe the product’s brand name is the name of the actual company and the name Maradyne is lost. My goal was to figure out a way to promote Maradyne as the manufacturer of reliable name brand products in order to incorporate all the brands under one company.

A New Logo

Maradyne’s Original logo is the same as the Maradyne Fluid Power Group and Maradyne Fans logo, creating a whirlwind of confusion for distributors and end users. Maradyne Fans also shares the “Maradyne” name, but believe it or not, Maradyne Fans are manufactured and sold by DCM Manufacturing a company separate from Maradyne Corporation.

In order to eliminate confusion and build the Maradyne brand, I decided to design a new logo and co-brand Maradyne with all of its brand name products.

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